Translation and Localization

I offer not only translations from English into Spanish, but also localizations; that is to say, cultural translations of software, websites, video games and mobile applications.

Proofreading and Copyediting (orthotypographical and style correction)

In English or Spanish alike, it is crucial that any text be of the very best quality. The process of reviewing aims at correcting spelling and typographical errors, as well as style.


The transcription of audio or video files consists of writing the audio content of a file into a document. This text can also be translated as needed.

Professional or publishing reading, reading reports

This entails the critical review of a literary work, where its potentialities and weaknesses are analyzed through reading. The reader produces a professional reading report: a tool that is used to assess the relevance of a work.


In order to achieve optimal quality, it is imperative that someone apart from the translator read and review a translation.

Text neutralization

This service gives as a result texts in neutral Spanish, an attempt to create an artificial standard of the Spanish language, which is intended to relocate the language, so it can be used in the maximum possible sectors of the Spanish-speaking population.

Localizations from Iberian Spanish into Latin American and US Spanish

This service produces localized renderings of texts that have been produced in the Spanish of Spain for use in the United States or Latin America.


Specializations and text types

Young adult and children’s literature

Formats and genres

Picture books

Horror, fantasy, realistic fiction and historical fiction

Middle grade and young adult

Traditional literature

Educational texts: textbooks, manuals, books, class reports, tests or evaluations, etc.



Comic books

Graphic novels

Other platforms

Given my great technical experience, I offer quality translations, corrections and revisions of other platforms, such as: