Matías toma mate.


Three little words. This is a direct, straightforward statement. In Argentinean Spanish, clear as a bell. That said, how would you translate these three little words for a child in the US where Matías is an unfamiliar name, and mate an unfamiliar drink?

It is here that the translator’s creativity comes into play.


The best literary translator is the one who is able to connect with their inner child. I have always been a great fan of children’s and young adult books. Working on what I love allows me to expand all my imaginative and creative potential in translated texts that fill me with satisfaction, joy and, above all, a lot of magic.

Completed work

Translation for an
international entertainment company

Behold the power of the mystic arts with Doctor Strange —and join in a battle against the Dark Dimension— inside the Walt Disney Theatre.

Conoce el poder de las artes místicas con Doctor Strange, y une tus fuerzas a las de él en una lucha contra la Dark Dimension, en el Walt Disney Theatre.

Roald Dahl’s book “Never Grow Up”

BUT… It doesn’t have to be this way! Listen carefully to what I say: There’s a secret that you might not know about what happens when you grow… Some people grow to ten feet TALL without growing up at all!​

PERO… ¡No tiene por qué ser así! Escucha con atención lo que voy a decir aquí: Hay un secreto que debes saber sobre lo que sucede cuando empiezas a crecer… hasta tres metros puedes tener de ALTO, ¡sin madurar tanto!

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