Matías toma mate.

Three little words. This is a direct statement. It could not be clearer in Argentinean Spanish.
However, how would you translate these three little words for a child in the US where there aren’t any Matías, nor mates?
This is where the creativity of the translator comes into play.

I have always enjoyed reading children’s literature and fantasy.
I am specially inclined to the
challenging literary world of translation, where I can expand my imaginative potential.

Completed work

Translation for an
international entertainment company

Conoce el poder de las artes místicas con Doctor Strange, y une tus fuerzas a las de él en una lucha contra la Dark Dimension, en el Walt Disney Theatre.

Behold the power of the mystic arts with Doctor Strange —and join in a battle against the Dark Dimension— inside the Walt Disney Theatre.

Translation for an
international entertainment company

Cuando se cambia el nombre a algún lugar, ello también es una señal de poder e influencia; refleja quién está a cargo y quién ha dejado su huella en la cultura.

When the name of a place is changed, it’s also a sign of power and influence—it reflects who is in charge and who has made an impression on the culture.

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